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ShuttleLOUNGE on tha Loose!

So Bootz turned 40.

Doesn’t look a day over 29, right?  Must be the bovine estrogen she’s been mainlining for a decade… no, wait… um…  Ok – maybe it’s the Blue Hawaiians.  Either way – she wanted a performance & to drink.  So I thought we’d put on a show.  I linked up with the Real Talk of Baltimore, PinPoint, and got to work organizing a show.  This was back in oh… November?  I was thinking we could get a DJ, Pin could do his joint maybe we add another local draw to the mix & the ShuttleLOUNGE hops on at sometime to embarrass themselves and anyone else around.  I contacted Dave Daniels, plays his organ in church, to be added character “Dave”  – the bit would be him repeating “Dave’s not here, man” to every interaction.  Not funny, I know.  That’s how it works.

We almost pulled it off, the big show.  We just couldn’t find a location that would let us waltz in and tackle a whole night.  Well, that’s not exactly true – but I didn’t have the 2 grand it would take to reserve the “Jam Band” venue.  We literally spent 3 months trying to nail a place.  I called in almost every favor I could think of.   After everything she’s been through, Bootz certainly deserved a night off, and a celebration!!!

I let it go as long as I could but finally I had to come up with something else.  So – back to Busking it was.  For years the ShuttleLOUNGE would terrorize local events in Miamuh by showing up and getting down to it!   An early performance was on top of a pool table at Good Ol’ Churchills.  …. while another band was playing onstage.  I think I out-drew them. We challenged each other plenty in those days.    Bootz’ B-day was reminiscent of those early attacks!

We arrived in Fells Point at a respectable drinking hour, after putting the chiblings down for the night.  (Thanks Mom!!).  I dropped off the ladies at the first joint which was a hippy hollow, it turns out.  Couldn’t stay there, no sir.  I went off to park the car by the river.  Only 5 bucks, but half a mile away!  I changed into my ‘costume’; sprayed my hair pink & orange, wore some Tap-Out douche couture and a lame lattice smoker, accessorized with lays, plastic clunk diamond bracelet and a dog chain.  Started my walk through a crowded but freezing populace across Fells Point, guitar strapped to my back and boombox in hand.

Post & Collegiate yups cast downward gaze and shuffled to avoid my path.  An adroit gentleman (read: drunk biker) spotted me and exclaimed, “I wanna see YOUR show”!  “Did you hire a stripper?” I answered to anyone within earshot.  This became my catch phrase as I wandered towards the yup bar where the folks ended up.  I got carded at that place.  I looked at the guy:  Are you serious?  Then I remembered I wasn’t grey – I was pink.  Makes sense.  “You’re still younger than me” the door fella stated.  Touche.  I returned to the mantra.  Someone finally called out “YES”.  “Well, where IS she?!!!”  I win.   Hard to get a decent Blue Hawaiian in Balmer.  Go figure.  Clam Martinis are … appropriate and taste like sea scum.   The couple standing next to us was discussing absolutely filthy sexual positions.  There’s still a debate as to whether they were a ‘progressive Browidian couple’ or she was working.  I’m betting the latter.

Finally we made it to a suitable destination – John Steven, Ltd.  Since their juke is all teh internetsded up, we could spin Bootz friendly tunes all night (more INTERPOL than you can shake a night stick at).  There was a table just our size (perfectly sized group & great company, all!!) and even fit tha geetar – which i have yet to name – and boombox.  We started the rounds and since we were doin’ so well, the bartender asked if I was going to play some music – I told him it wasn’t really music, I was going to sing for my wife.  He said that was cool for him.  Money.

It’s getting close to closing time and Bootz is starting to wane.  She’s a trooper, really.  I started w/ some ol’ favorites –
Warsaw & Obstacle in Blue Hawaiian – ode to Broward, really, but converted to Balmer.  Bootz stole the show at that point.

[youtube http://youtu.be/3OpaiuKMaQ0]

Then introduced two new entries, the first of which shocked everyone and the bar started to clear out.  It was a cover of Adele that was entirely about Anal Secks gone bad.  Revolting.  And they did.  Everyone was yelling at me to stop.  Again, I win.  My final piece was a cover of DJ Earworm’s 2011 mashup “World Go Boom”.  I even cut tracks on my new keyboard (thx again Mom & Dad!).  Before the end of that monstrosity, Bootz was smacking the boombox trying to stop the torture.

Thankfully – for the patrons anyway, PinPoint to the rescue!  He presented an amazingly deft and poignant treatise on relationships that added an underserved credulity to the night’s proceedings.  Kudos, sir!  Check us out below – and HIM out HERE

[youtube http://youtu.be/vIE3e4Hs8M8]

Well, like I said, we pretty much ran the joint empty.  It was closing time anyway.   I wander back to get tha hooptie (I think I can call it that by this time), double park out front and enter in to find Bootz crashed all classic Dik Shuttle stylee on a bench at the front of the bar.  Tap on the shoulder, c’mon babe – let’s make it out.  WAIT!  pulls her hair back…. aaaand there it is.  The whole night dancing off the slate floor – technicolor party.  Used.

I offer the barkeep some extra scratch for his trouble.  No worries, mate.  He’s turned 21 before – lmmfao.

Happy Birthday Bootz!  from the Fabulous ShuttleLOUNGE.  PO Box Fells Point.

Credit:  Thanks to everyone for a great party  and Special Thanks to Diane for the media!!


Flight of the Condor

Me & My Jones

© G.Garner

Wow – how cool is this?  Ca$$ius & the Condor put together some tracks down in Miamuh and asked me to play on it.  It’s bluesy and catchy, kind of straight ahead.  So what did I do?  Apparently I went all NYC 70’s psychedelia on it.  Weird, right?

Even more surprisingly & serendipitously, the ultra-talented Frank Vilardi has offered to add a drum track to the cut.  We are beyond honored by his offer and I actually can’t think of a more apt musician to do it.

To me the piece began screaming for a New York interpretation, even though the base tracks imply a southern soul to it.  Don’t ask me why, but modal lines were playing through it for me.  Then the aug’s and dim’s came through to outline the resolutions.  But even they get a modal treatment, laying over the change rather than voice leading so much.

I’ll update this post with newer developments, but here is the scratch tracks mix I’m supplying Ferny down at the Shack  rok Rok AUN, Hialeah!

Me & My Jones

And here’s an almost completed track w/ a little more adjustment.  I’m still supposed to offer another vocal track – but with the Holidays, the ShuttleLOUNGE performance for Bootz’ B-Day… wait… I didn’t tell you about that?!  Check out the LATEST POST!!  It was awful.  Just awful.  We loved it.

So anyway – here’s the track

Dateline – October 15, 2012

So I guess there’s a final final edit now.  I never got back to fix my tracks as the kibblings are keeping MissusSHUTTLE and me so very very busy -. . .   But it sounds awesome!  Credit those Shack fellas (link above) for fixing what I couldn’t.  I swear, it’s almost like you could do it all on those new-fangled comp-u-tors these days…


One of the things I’ve been concentrating on since we left Miamuh, moved to Murlynd, changed jobs, bought a house, had two kids…..phew…. wait.  I need to catch my breath…  is, not surprisingly, kids music.

I certainly came up with plenty of ditties singing to our beautiful daughter; The Oatmeal Song, Put On Your Pajamas, among others.   But production wise I’ve done two songs directly for my Children.  They’re posted over on my U Tuba.  But you can view them here, too.  One for each child.  One is original, and one is a cover, but with full reharm.

First Day

Great Day

So it’s not exactly the stuff you’d put on a CD release of kids music, but I’m pretty proud of it.  Not nearly as proud as I am of the subject matter, however.  These are some amazing children, lem’me tell you!

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In the mid 2000s’ a cabal of rabble rousers took over the Miamuh underground. No archetype was taboo, or safe from ridicule. They enjoyed an amount of popularity, an even larger measure of notoriety an absolutely enormous bar tab, and for some, helped define an era of Miami music. While the story of that group, the Fabulous ShuttleLOUNGE may someday get to be told, as it should be hilarious and poignant, this is not the blog for that.

Here we will explore the music and projects of the group’s progenitor, the AMAZING Dik Shuttle. As the Fabulous ShuttleLOUNGE was really a mindset more than a group or performance piece, this space on the web will show the influences and development of the ShuttleLOUNGE ideal. Some of the music will be horrendous. Some will show signs of quality. But they should all paint a more detailed picture of the gestalt that is the Fabulous ShuttleLOUNGE.

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