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One of the things I’ve been concentrating on since we left Miamuh, moved to Murlynd, changed jobs, bought a house, had two kids…..phew…. wait.  I need to catch my breath…  is, not surprisingly, kids music.

I certainly came up with plenty of ditties singing to our beautiful daughter; The Oatmeal Song, Put On Your Pajamas, among others.   But production wise I’ve done two songs directly for my Children.  They’re posted over on my U Tuba.  But you can view them here, too.  One for each child.  One is original, and one is a cover, but with full reharm.

First Day

Great Day

So it’s not exactly the stuff you’d put on a CD release of kids music, but I’m pretty proud of it.  Not nearly as proud as I am of the subject matter, however.  These are some amazing children, lem’me tell you!


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like, like, love!!!

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