Welcome to the Fabulous ShuttleLOUNGE

Explore the music and entertainment projects of the AMAZING Dik Shuttle


In the mid 2000s’ a kabal of rabble rousers took over the Miamuh underground.  No archetype was taboo or safe from ridicule.  They enjoyed an amount of popularity, an even larger measure of noteriety an absolutely enormous bar tab, and for some, helped define an era of Miami music.  While the story of that group, the Fabulous ShuttleLOUNGE  may someday get to be told, as it should be hilarious and poignant, this is not the blog for that.

Here we will explore the music and projects of the group’s progenetor, the AMAZING Dik Shuttle.  As the Fabulous ShuttleLOUNGE was really a mindset more than a group or performance piece, this space on the web will show the influences and development of the ShuttleLOUNGE ideal.  Some of the music will be horrendous. Some will show signs of quality.  But they should all paint a more detailed picture of the gestalt that is the Fabulous ShuttleLOUNGE.


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