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Flight of the Condor

Me & My Jones

© G.Garner

Wow – how cool is this?  Ca$$ius & the Condor put together some tracks down in Miamuh and asked me to play on it.  It’s bluesy and catchy, kind of straight ahead.  So what did I do?  Apparently I went all NYC 70’s psychedelia on it.  Weird, right?

Even more surprisingly & serendipitously, the ultra-talented Frank Vilardi has offered to add a drum track to the cut.  We are beyond honored by his offer and I actually can’t think of a more apt musician to do it.

To me the piece began screaming for a New York interpretation, even though the base tracks imply a southern soul to it.  Don’t ask me why, but modal lines were playing through it for me.  Then the aug’s and dim’s came through to outline the resolutions.  But even they get a modal treatment, laying over the change rather than voice leading so much.

I’ll update this post with newer developments, but here is the scratch tracks mix I’m supplying Ferny down at the Shack  rok Rok AUN, Hialeah!

Me & My Jones

And here’s an almost completed track w/ a little more adjustment.  I’m still supposed to offer another vocal track – but with the Holidays, the ShuttleLOUNGE performance for Bootz’ B-Day… wait… I didn’t tell you about that?!  Check out the LATEST POST!!  It was awful.  Just awful.  We loved it.

So anyway – here’s the track

Dateline – October 15, 2012

So I guess there’s a final final edit now.  I never got back to fix my tracks as the kibblings are keeping MissusSHUTTLE and me so very very busy -. . .   But it sounds awesome!  Credit those Shack fellas (link above) for fixing what I couldn’t.  I swear, it’s almost like you could do it all on those new-fangled comp-u-tors these days…